how to read your mold report

How to Read Your Mold Report

By Paul Sakson / March 3, 2022

There are many indications that mold may be growing in a home or building. People may start to experience health-related reactions, such as allergies, difficulty breathing, headaches, or dizziness upon entering. A musty odor and damp feeling in the air can also be a tell-tale sign – but the only way to know for sure is with a certified mold…

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air duct mold cleaning

Do I Need Air Duct Mold Cleaning in My Home

By Paul Sakson / February 17, 2022

The air we breathe every day is a lot dirtier than you may realize – even when you are inside your home. Nearly every home in the United States has over 1,000 types of mold whose spores are suspended in the air. Unless you get an air duct mold cleaning, these mold spores can also spread from one room to…

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why you need professional mold testing

10 Reasons Why You Need Professional Mold Testing and Inspection

By Paul Sakson / December 9, 2021

Household mold is nasty stuff. Not only does it ruin your décor, but it can also trigger an assortment of alarming medical issues. Overexposure to toxic mold is known to impair respiratory health and brain function. Many property owners and tenants do not suspect mold until they see it. Unfortunately, mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye. In some…

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black mold danger to children

The Danger Mold Poses to Children

By Paul Sakson / November 11, 2021

Of all airborne pollutants, mold is particularly dangerous. It can start growing on water-damaged surfaces in as little as 24-48 hours. Furthermore, mold spores spread quickly and quietly, entering your lungs and causing a wide variety of allergic reactions. Exposure to mold spores can be harmful to people of all ages. But, children are often more susceptible to its detrimental…

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