Plan It. Build It. (And try not to change it).

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When planning a new play area for a child care center, it is important that the Licensed Site Remediation Professional know and understand the play area’s construction, size, and location on the property. This is needed to produce an accurate Response Action Outcome (RAO) letter which satisfies NJDEP requirements for child care licensing. The same could be said for indoor area leaseholds.
Problems arise when the play area (or indoor leasehold) is not constructed as shown on the map attached to the RAO. In these instances, a new RAO needs to be provided which may unnecessarily increase project costs and time. .
It is understandable when project conditions change. By keeping the LSRP involved throughout the entire process from due diligence through facility construction (regardless of when the RAO is issued), problems can be kept to a minimum and your center can open on time and within budget.

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