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Mold Inspection and Testing in New Jersey

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We know how to spot and identify mold in your home or building so that you can make it safer for both children and adults. Protecting your children is your top concern - and it’s ours, too.

Our Mold Services Include:

  • Professional Home and Building Inspection

  • Comprehensive Mold Testing

  • Air and Swab Samples

  • Recommendations to Mitigate Mold Issues

  • Referrals to Mold Remediation Contractors for Problem Sites

Serving New Jersey Since 1997

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The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) has many requirements for childcare centers, including mandated air tests surveying for mold and other potential concerns. Our team at Paul Sakson Environmental knows exactly what to look for to keep your local center safe and compliant.

For homes and other critical sites, mold is not regulated by New Jersey although it can be a serious environmental health concern. We serve residential, commercial and other critical facilities by conducting mold inspections.

Our Mold Inspection and Testing Process

Our mold inspections involve a thorough visual examination, as well as air quality testing. We use the latest methods to spot and test for mold growth. Because we’re experts in environmental testing (not remediation), you can trust that our inspection is completely unbiased and based on real scientific assessment.

We use state-of-the-art relative humidity and moisture meters and do a basic site inspection for all assessments.  For more advanced assessments, we may employ thermal imaging cameras and perform air or swab testing to form a full picture of your building’s safety.

If you request mold sampling and inspection, we’ll take spore and air samples and send them off for reliable testing. We work with highly reputable labs, so you can trust that we’ll accurately identify the kinds of mold lurking in your building.  The final report is in an easy-to-understand format with relative types of mold identified and identification of any concerns.

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About Us

Trained and Experienced Mold Inspectors and Environmental Consultants

All of our mold inspectors are trained to spot conditions that lead to mold growth and other indoor environmental issues. For child care centers, in particular, we have three New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) approved Indoor Environmental Health Assessors, which allows for the identification of mold issues.

Although we do not offer mold remediation services, we do recommend effective ways to combat mold growth and provide a comprehensive report on all of our findings.

Why Choose Paul Sakson Environmental?

SAKSON has been a leading environmental consulting firm since 1997. We specialize in the childcare center market, and we’re experts at promoting safe air quality in schools, daycares, residences, and other critical sites.

If you need a mold inspection or testing services, reach out to our team. We’ll take a comprehensive approach as we assess your indoor air quality and help you find a safe path forward. Our team knows the local risks for mold, and we’ll spare no detail in obtaining complete results regarding your building’s mold levels.

Our Clients Can Expect to Receive:

Quick and Accurate Testing Results

After assessing your home or residence in a timely manner, we’ll send the mold samples off for testing at a reputable laboratory. These results will be available to you normally within 3 business days after receipt by the laboratory. Again, we make this entire process quick and painless.

Unbiased Testing and Results

We promise to conduct comprehensive testing when it comes to air quality. SAKSON spares no detail in our complete reports, and we’ll never alter results to fit our goal. In addition, unlike other mold teams, we don’t offer remediation services - which means we have no ulterior motives when providing test results.

Complete New Jersey Compliance

We’re proud to be one of the top environmental consultants officially approved by the NJDOH for assessments in child care centers and schools. We know what the state expects from childcare centers and schools, and we’ll help you achieve total indoor air quality compliance.

Clear Pricing

SAKSON provides every client with an upfront pricing quote, so there are no surprise fees in our indoor air quality or mold testing services. We believe that clients should always know exactly what they’re paying right from the start. We’re happy to offer our Basic Mold Testing Service for $650 which includes a limited site inspection, an air sample, and a swab sample.

Convenient Scheduling

We know it’s difficult to find a time to inspect and test for mold - especially with children around during the bulk of the week. That’s why we offer flexible appointment options. You let us know what time works for you, and we’ll work around your schedule.

Peace of Mind

You should never have to wonder if your home or center’s air is secretly laden with spores and other pollutants. Rest easy at night, knowing that the children and adults at your center are breathing safe, clean air. If there is mold growth, we’ll help you understand its severity and move forward quickly.

Paul Sakson Environmental has Licenses, Certifications, and Accreditations

Schedule Your Home Mold Inspection and Testing Today

Are you worried about the mold levels in your home, building, childcare center or school? Then, reach out to the SAKSON team today to discuss a plan for inspection and testing.

Our Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with you to fulfill our state environmental reports. Your prompt attention to all our needs was greatly appreciated. I knew we were in good hands with a true professional from the first time we met. Your reports were detailed and professional. We were thrilled at our results and thank you for the time and effort you put forth to make our facility pass the state inspection. I would have no hesitation recommending your services to anyone. You can count on our support for a fine recommendation.

Brick Township center

It was a pleasure dealing with Paul Sakson Environmental. I found them to be thorough professionals who knew what they were dealing with and presented a well thought out plan. Their consulting was invaluable and the work done was very detailed and within the time frame he had advised. I gladly recommend them.

North Brunswick center

Frequently Asked Questions

Molds are naturally occurring outdoors. They grow in moist, dark areas, such as in piles of dead leaves or underneath logs. The problem is when mold moves indoors, growing in kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, and other areas with high humidity levels. These are perfect breeding grounds for their fast-spreading spores.

Mold colonies can begin to grow on a damp surface in just 24 hours. Within just a day or two, they can spread throughout a space, seriously compromising the air quality and hiding in many spots. If you suspect you have a mold problem, the sooner you act, the better.

Although not all kinds of mold are toxic to humans, it’s difficult to label any indoor mold as “harmless.” In addition, different children have different allergies and sensitivities, which means that any mold spores spreading via the air can potentially lead to negative symptoms.

Young children are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of mold. Unfortunately, the government does not have a standard on an “acceptable” level of mold exposure, but any amount of mold growth can be detrimental to a childcare center. Therefore, we recommend inspecting and testing for mold before the symptoms escalate into something serious.

Our professionals test for mold by a visual inspection, using a digital moisture meter, relative humidity meter, and/or infrared camera. This helps us identify moist areas where mold growth is likely present. Next, we’ll identify the visible growth and test the air for the presence of invisible airborne spores. Our team then sends these samples off for identification at reputable laboratories.

A Basic Mold Investigation, including a visual inspection and 2 samples (air or swab) starts at $400. More comprehensive investigations and testing are available, with the pricing determined by the work scope.

Usually, we can schedule a mold investigation a few days after authorization. A Basic Mold Investigation would take only a limited amount of time, with any laboratory results provided within 3 days after receipt by the laboratory. We make this as quick as possible.

Yes. Our mold testing services are highly reliable and extremely accurate. Air sampling is especially precise, and as indoor air quality specialists, we know how to collect samples and send them off for scientific analysis meticulously. So you can trust that the results will be detailed and accurate.

We recommend testing your indoor air quality at least once a year, if not more frequently. Of course, if there are visible signs of mold’s presence, or if children are showing symptoms of mold exposure, you should schedule an air quality test immediately.

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