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New Jersey Environmental Health Experts

Essex County is home to a range of educational centers, from the local college to the many elementary and middle schools. These facilities, in addition to the hundreds of child care centers,  are expected to maintain a certain level of environmental awareness and safety - and we help with that.

Paul Sakson Environmental has been a premier environmental consulting firm in New Jersey for nearly three decades. We ensure that local childcare centers and schools meet state regulations when it comes to environmental risks and protections.

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Types of Environmental Site Assessments in Essex County

  • 1) Preliminary Assessments 

    When purchasing real estate for use as a childcare center, school, or similar facility, you’ll need a Preliminary Assessment to comply with New Jersey regulations. Contact our team, and we’ll send a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to assess your site and issue a Response Action Outcome (RAO).

  • 2) Phase I Environmental Site Assessments 

    Purchasing or refinancing any type of commercial property in Essex County? You’ll need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to identify any risks and comply with bank loan requirements.. Our highly trained scientists will conduct the necessary research, as well as provide easy-to-understand reports.

  • 3) Transaction Screens 

    Transaction Screens serve a similar purpose to the Phase I ESA, but at a more affordable price. Learn more about how our environmental scientists will assess your site and interview relevant stakeholders.

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Why Hire Our Environmental Consulting Firm?


We’re Experts in New Jersey Environmental Regulations

It seems like New Jersey’s regulations for childcare environmental safety are constantly changing - but we keep up with every small update. We’ll ensure you check every box and avoid penalties and fines, as well as environmental risks to human health.


Our Assessments Are Quick and Affordable

We’re good at meeting tight deadlines. All of our environmental assessments are conducted efficiently to save you time and money. If you need sample test results, we’ll ensure you receive them in less than three weeks. Full reports are provided in under 30 days.


Your Children’s Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our children are growing up in New Jersey, just like yours. Therefore, we have a personal commitment to ensure their homes, schools, daycares, and other care facilities are 100% safe. You can trust us to work avidly to protect them from pollutants, toxins, molds, and other environmental health risks.

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Our Premier Environmental Services Include:

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Indoor Air Testing
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Radon Testing
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Drinking-Water Testing
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Soil Testing
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Asbestos Inspections
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Mold Investigations

We don’t just work with Essex County childcare centers - we also serve larger residential, commercial, and private school markets. If you need any of the services listed above, reach out to our team to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost is largely dependent on the site size, historical use, and the number of areas evaluated. The average costs range from approximately $3,000 to $5,000 for most sites. The NJDEP will reimburse the child care center up to $1,500 for the PA. Sakson completes all the grant application forms as a courtesy to our customers.

Every 3 years drinking water samples are required to be collected from all drinking water faucets and at least 50% of the child care center’s total number of faucets.

Child care centers built in 1978 or earlier – or are co-owned with nail salons, dry cleaners, or any other potential environmental concern are required to have an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment. This involves a number of air tests to be done, including radon, lead paint surveying, asbestos, and an analysis of any other potential concern. These inspections must be done by a NJDOH licensed provider.

Getting to the root cause of poor air quality almost always requires a professional inspection. This calls for a detailed understanding of the building’s design, ventilation system, HVAC setup, as well as the common activities performed by the occupants of the building.

Formaldehyde is an organic pollutant containing an atom of carbon, and atom of oxygen, and two atoms of hydrogen. While it is present outdoors, indoor concentrations are much higher. Formaldehyde is commonly found in manufactured wood products using certain resins to glue particles together, hair salons, and even your old high school biology lab.

Formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, throat, and nose. Some consider it to be a cancer risk in certain people. While there is a lot of debate over what levels of formaldehyde are considered dangerous, it’s never a bad idea to get your building or residence inspected.

Although you may be connected to city water, or a private water company, lead and copper contaminants may enter your water supply through your interior piping. This is a common occurrence in very old houses or buildings, and newer structures that have recently installed copper lines, or may have used lead solder. Lead and copper are both contaminants that can cause a variety of adverse health effects.

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