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Hudson County is considered one of the best places to live in New Jersey. It’s home to thousands of families, all of whom want to trust their daycares, homes, schools, classrooms, and sports facilities to be safe. That’s where we come in.

Paul Sakson Environmental has served as a premier environmental consulting firm in New Jersey for nearly three decades. We specialize in conducting site assessments for the childcare industry and other critical sites. Our team knows exactly what needs to be done, what’s mandated by the state, and we’ll ensure your facility meets every compliance requirement.

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Environmental Site Assessments in Hudson County

  • 1) Preliminary Assessments 

    All new and relocating childcare centers and schools in the Hudson County area need a Preliminary Assessment to comply with state regulations. Same for many types of industrial sites that are closing or being sold. Contact our team, and we’ll send a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to conduct your Preliminary Assessment and issue a Response Action Outcome (RAO).

  • 2) Phase I Environmental Site Assessments 

    Are you looking to purchase or refinance a commercial property? We can provide a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and all the required environmental research and reports. Our team makes each assessment clean and easy to understand. When we do a Phase I ESA, we go above and beyond the ASTM requirements, looking for evidence of contaminated historic fill, for example, which is prevalent in Hudson County.

  • 3) Transaction Screens 

    If you need a site assessment that’s more cost-effective than a Phase I ESA, we also offer Transaction Screens conducted by highly qualified scientists. Our environmental professional will visit your Hudson County site, conduct research, and interview relevant stakeholders.

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Why Hire Paul Sakson Environmental?


We Worry About the Regulations - So You Don’t Have To

It’s challenging to keep up with all of New Jersey’s regulations for childcare center safety and the many other regulations for critical sites. Fortunately, it’s our job to do just that. We’ll ensure you check every box and meet every state-mandated requirement. 


We’re Quick and Cost-Effective

Working on a tight deadline? We perform all of our environmental assessments in a timely manner. This makes our services cost-effective, so your facility can afford the exact services it needs and receive the results in generally less than 30 days.


We Genuinely Care About Children’s Safety 

At the end of the day, we want all of the children in Hudson County to be 100% safe at school, daycare, their homes, and other activities. We’re proud to be a part of the process that protects them from pollutants and other environmental dangers. 

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Our Environmental Services Include:

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Indoor Air Testing
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Mold Investigations
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Radon Testing
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Drinking-Water Testing
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Soil Testing
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Asbestos Inspections

Although we specialize in childcare centers, we also serve larger residential, commercial, and private school markets. So if you’re interested in any of the services listed above, reach out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Child care centers built in 1978 or earlier – or are co-owned with nail salons, dry cleaners, or any other potential environmental concern are required to have an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment. This involves a number of air tests to be done, including radon, lead paint surveying, asbestos, and an analysis of any other potential concern. These inspections must be done by a NJDOH licensed provider.

The IEHA and accompanying forms are completed within 30 days upon receipt of all available documentation. The NJDOH will review the forms and issue a Safe Building Interior Certificate generally within 30 to 60 days.

The Preliminary Assessment and Remedial Action Outcome letter is usually completed in 30 days upon receipt of all available documentation.

Every 5 years radon samples need to be collected. Samples need to be collected from each frequently occupied room, which includes classrooms and offices, on the lowest level of the center.

Every 3 years drinking water samples are required to be collected from all drinking water faucets and at least 50% of the child care center’s total number of faucets.

This depends on a number of different factors – the size of the building, the depth of the problem, etc. Indoor air quality testing can take several days to several weeks to get the results back.

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