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what causes poor indoor air quality in your home and business

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home and Business

By Paul Sakson / December 17, 2021

We know that the air outdoors is fairly polluted in most places around the world, especially in urban areas. But more times than not, the air inside homes and businesses is far worse. The EPA concluded that the air quality indoors is 2 to 5 times worse than the outdoors! Most people and children spend the majority of their day…

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why you need professional mold testing

10 Reasons Why You Need Professional Mold Testing and Inspection

By Paul Sakson / December 9, 2021

Household mold is nasty stuff. Not only does it ruin your décor, but it can also trigger an assortment of alarming medical issues. Overexposure to toxic mold is known to impair respiratory health and brain function. Many property owners and tenants do not suspect mold until they see it. Unfortunately, mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye. In some…

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how to test indoor air quality

Addressing Indoor Air in Homes, Schools, & Offices: Why Does it Matter?

By Paul Sakson / December 6, 2021

Air pollution is hard to fend off, no matter where you live. This global crisis is a huge threat to human health and welfare, claiming nearly 4.5 million lives every year. While most people lose sleep over outdoor air pollution, the unfortunate reality is that indoor air is often just as contaminated. In fact, it may be worse in some…

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black mold danger to children

The Danger Mold Poses to Children

By Paul Sakson / November 11, 2021

Of all airborne pollutants, mold is particularly dangerous. It can start growing on water-damaged surfaces in as little as 24-48 hours. Furthermore, mold spores spread quickly and quietly, entering your lungs and causing a wide variety of allergic reactions. Exposure to mold spores can be harmful to people of all ages. But, children are often more susceptible to its detrimental…

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how to reduce exposure tvoc levels in a childcare facility

TVOC Levels in a Childcare Facility – Warning Signs and How to Reduce Exposure

By Paul Sakson / October 13, 2021

If you operate a childcare facility, the safety and wellbeing of your children and staff is a high priority to you. However, if your facility contains a high level of indoor air pollutants, you may unknowingly be putting them in danger. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often to blame for poor indoor air quality. VOCs are chemicals that evaporate at…

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what is a phase i environmental site assessment

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

By Paul Sakson / October 1, 2021

You may need a Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA) if you purchase or redevelop a commercial building – including schools and child care facilities. Here’s what that means. When you buy or lease a piece of commercial property, the last thing you want to happen is to get hit with a bunch of unforeseen costs down the road. Yet,…

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signs of formaldehyde in child care center

Signs of Formaldehyde in a Child Care Center- And What to Do About It

By Paul Sakson / September 30, 2021

No one wants their children to be exposed to harmful substances, especially in a child care facility where they spend a large part of their day. However, the owner and staff at a child care center may not be aware of possible harmful substances that could be present in their rooms – such as elevated levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is…

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school drinking water lead testing nj

Lead Water Testing in NJ:
Is Your School Drinking Water Safe?

By Paul Sakson / August 24, 2021

We all want to believe our children are drinking safe water while at school or in day care – but how do you really know? What’s the protocol for ensuring New Jersey school water sources are lead-free and safe to drink? That’s where state regulations on water testing in New Jersey come into play. Back in 2019, both the New…

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how to recognize radon symptoms in your child

How to Recognize Radon Symptoms in your Child

By Paul Sakson / August 10, 2021

Schools and childcare centers around the country are supposed to be safe environments for children to learn and play. However, this is not always the case, as the invisible risk of radon could be putting your child’s health at risk. In addition, radon symptoms are an indicator of long-term exposure – so parents need to know whether or not their…

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