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Are there any NJDOH requirements for my site?

By Paul Sakson / November 27, 2015

We get this question often from child care center owners looking to move into a new space or expand an existing center.  The NJ Department of Health (NJDOH) has requirements set forth in N.J.A.C. 8-50 in addition to their Indoor Environments Program website. Generally, if a building was constructed prior to 1979, or the property was formerly used as a gas…

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Plan It. Build It. (And try not to change it).

By Paul Sakson / September 1, 2015

When planning a new play area for a child care center, it is important that the Licensed Site Remediation Professional know and understand the play area’s construction, size, and location on the property. This is needed to produce an accurate Response Action Outcome (RAO) letter which satisfies NJDEP requirements for child care licensing. The same could be said for indoor…

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Play Area

Play Area Soil Sampling

By Paul Sakson / September 1, 2015

When opening a new child care center or expanding an existing play area, oftentimes soil samples are needed for compliance. Soil samples are generally required when there is a potential for children to have direct contact with any site contaminants, such as pesticides from historic agriculture use. The potential for direct contact includes play areas constructed on natural grass or…

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Have a Center with Well Water?

By Paul Sakson / May 7, 2015

While most child care centers receive potable water from community water suppliers (NJ American Water, Municipal Utilities Authority to name a few), many centers in rural areas receive their water from water supply wells.  In order to certify the water quality, the NJDEP’s Bureau of Safe Drinking Water reviews all sampling data and will issue a Certification of Acceptable Drinking…

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Funeral Homes Added to High Hazard Use Group

By Paul Sakson / February 1, 2015

Apparently opening a child care center in an adjacent or former funeral home is not uncommon. The NJ Department of Children and Families has added Funeral Homes as a potential hazardous site where additional environmental assessment is required for child care center licensing. Funeral homes pose an environmental risk, especially when it comes to indoor air. Chemicals such as formaldehyde…

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House plan

Case Study: From Conception to Reality

By Paul Sakson / August 1, 2014

A child care center owner identified a site in Central New Jersey for development. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I) was performed prior to the property acquisition to satisfy bank lending requirements. Additionally, all anticipated play area and groundwater sampling was conducted to ensure NJDEP compliance once the property was acquired. Once the property was acquired, using the…

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