Paul Sakson Environmental has performed site assessments at hundreds of locations throughout New Jersey to both comply with New Jersey’s regulations, and as part of environmental due diligence.

Environmental site assessments in New Jersey
take three primary forms:

Preliminary Assessments and Response Action Outcomes

Who is it for?

New Jersey child care centers needing a license, schools, and industrial sites needing to comply with New Jersey’s regulations (such as the Industrial Sites Recovery Act or ISRA), generally need a Preliminary Assessment and a closure letter known as a Response Action Outcome (RAO). Parties looking to purchase real estate that need an RAO for environmental due diligence will often request a Preliminary Assessment.

Who performs the assessment?

A Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) conducts a Preliminary Assessment and issues a RAO if warranted.
What We Do:
The LSRP will take care of all of the required environmental research, including a deed search, environmental lien search, obtaining historical insurance maps, city directories, municipal and county file reviews, and an environmental database report of the site and surrounding area. A site inspection and owner/tenant interview are also performed. The final report is provided in clear, concise and understandable language. The RAO is issued immediately by the LSRP when all work is complete.

How This
Benefits You

  • Quick 30-Day Turnaround: So that you can obtain your child care center license, open a school, divest an industrial site, or purchase a property, we complete this process within 30 days.
  • Compliance: Having a LSRP retained will result in compliance with New Jersey regulations and an enhanced professionalism for voluntary other due diligence projects.
  • Cost Control: Our Customers enjoy knowing that our services are cost-effective and can potentially save them money when environmental concerns are identified quickly. For child care centers, we’ll fill out New Jersey’s grant application form for you to receive $1,500.
  • Peace of Mind: By performing environmental due diligence in accordance with standard practices and New Jersey’s regulations, you can have peace of mind that any significant environmental concerns have been identified or determined not to be present.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Who is it for?

Parties seeking to purchase or refinance commercial property often need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) performed.

Who performs the assessment?

An Environmental Professional with extensive experience in due diligence will perform the Phase I ESA.
What We Do:
We perform the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with the EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiry” rule and the ASTM Standard. As with Preliminary Assessments, we’ll take care of all of the required environmental research, and prepare a report in clear, concise and understandable language.

How This
Benefits You

  • Quick 30-Day Turnaround: So that you can quickly purchase or refinance a commercial property, we complete tasks within 30 days.
  • Cost Control and Peace of Mind : Our Customers enjoy knowing that our services are cost-effective and can potentially save them money when environmental concerns are identified.

Transaction Screen Process

Who is it for?

Praties looking for a more cost-effective option for due diligence as compared to a Phase I ESA.

Who performs the assessment?

An environmental scientist with adequate experience in research, and site visits and interviews will perform the Transaction Screen Process.
What We Do:
We perform the Transaction Screen Process in accordance with the ASTM Standard. The work includes a site visit, limited historic research, and interviews of stakeholders.

How This
Benefits You

  • Benefits You Quick Turnaround: Usually can be completed within 15 days.
  • Lower Cost: Compared to other due diligence options, this is a lower cost option and is best suited for sites that may be considered low risk” such as a strip mall on previously undeveloped land, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) requirements for a child care center?
A Preliminary Assessment (PA) and Report needs to be completed in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:26E to satisfy NJDEP requirements. In summary, a PA includes performing the environmental due diligence on the property, including deed search, municipal and county file searches, review of historic documentation such as aerial photographs, insurance maps and telephone directories, research of industrial directories, and review of government databases. The PA also includes a current site inspection. This information is then submitted to the NJDEP in a Preliminary Assessment Report. The final remediation document, a Response Action Outcome letter, is issued by the Licensed Site Remediation Professional retained by the child care center.


How long does the Preliminary Assessment take?
The Preliminary Assessment and Remedial Action Outcome letter is usually completed in 30 days upon receipt of all available documentation.


How much does a PA cost?
The cost is largely dependent on the site size, historical use, and number of areas evaluated. The average costs range from approximately $3,000 to $5,000 for most sites. The NJDEP will reimburse the child care center up to $1,500 for the PA. Sakson completes all the grant application forms as a courtesy to our customers.

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