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Local Experts in Air Quality and Safety

Bergen County is known for many things, including its strong Jewish communities and its highly ranked schools. Families in the area trust that their children are safe while at school and daycare - and we make sure that’s true.

Paul Sakson Environmental has been serving New Jersey as a top-notch environmental consulting firm for more than two decades. We specialize in conducting environmental assessments of childcare centers, homes, and schools. With our help, you can promote a safe, healthy environment within your facility.

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Environmental Site Assessments


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Environmental Site Assessments in Bergen County

  • 1) Preliminary Assessments 

    All new and relocating childcare centers and schools will need a Preliminary Assessment and Response Action Outcome (RAO) letter to comply with the state’s regulations. Turn to Paul Sakson Environmental for quick, 100% compliant results. 

  • 2) Phase I Environmental Site Assessments 

    No matter what a site is used for, if you’re looking to purchase or refinance commercial property, you’ll need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). We perform these assessments in compliance with the New Jersey Department of Health regulations and then provide clear, concise reports.

  • 3) Transaction Screens 

    Need a more cost-effective option than a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment? Our environmental scientists also conduct transaction screens complete with in-person site visits and interviews with important stakeholders.

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Why Hire Us for Your Bergen County Assessments?


We’ll Help You Abide By Every Regulation

You might not know all of Bergen County’s and New Jersey’s environmental assessment requirements - but we do. In addition, our extensive knowledge of New Jersey childcare regulations allows us to make the best decisions for your site’s inspections and tests.


Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

As New Jersey residents ourselves, we care about this state’s environmental safety - especially when it comes to childcare. The health and wellbeing of our youngest citizens is our number one priority. 


We Offer Fair, Transparent Pricing

All of our projects are performed in a timely manner - our goal is to keep your costs down and your timeline efficient. For example, if we send off samples for testing, you’ll receive the results within three weeks or sooner. 

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Our Environmental Services Include:

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Mold Investigations
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Indoor Air Testing
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Radon Testing
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Soil Testing
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Drinking-Water Testing
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Asbestos Inspections

Although our environmental consultants specialize in the childcare industry, we also work with larger residential, commercial, and private school markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Preliminary Assessment and Remedial Action Outcome letter is usually completed in 30 days upon receipt of all available documentation.

For child care centers proposed in buildings constructed in 1978 or earlier, or co-located with nail salons, dry cleaners, or any other potential environmental concern, an Indoor Environmental Health Assessment (IEHA) is required. An IEHA encompasses radon testing, lead paint survey, asbestos inspection, and identification of any other potential indoor environmental concern. The IEHA must be conducted by a NJDOH licensed company.

Every 3 years drinking water samples are required to be collected from all drinking water faucets and at least 50% of the child care center’s total number of faucets.

It’s tough to say exactly how often you should get your indoor air quality tested. As you are operating a sensitive site, such as a child care center, you can never be too safe. That said, you may consider testing your indoor air quality at least once a year.

Formaldehyde is an organic pollutant containing an atom of carbon, and atom of oxygen, and two atoms of hydrogen. While it is present outdoors, indoor concentrations are much higher. Formaldehyde is commonly found in manufactured wood products using certain resins to glue particles together, hair salons, and even your old high school biology lab.

Formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, throat, and nose. Some consider it to be a cancer risk in certain people. While there is a lot of debate over what levels of formaldehyde are considered dangerous, it’s never a bad idea to get your building or residence inspected.

Each metal costs $30 to analyze, plus labor and travel costs for our sampling technicians.

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