Why does the NJDEP inspect my site?

If you have a new child care center, State licensing requirements require an environmental assessment.  Usually this entails hiring a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) to issue a Response Action Outcome (RAO) to satisfy NJ Department of Environmental Protection requirements.  The RAO is the final document.

So why does the NJDEP inspect the site and review the file after issuance of an RAO?

Simply put, the NJDEP’s internal policy is to inspect the site and review all LSRP RAOs and submittals relating to child care sites.  Normally the site inspection is done after the center is constructed.

The child care center owner should continue to rely on the RAO and professionalism of the LSRP.  While some RAOs may require administrative amendments, seldom does the NJDEP invalidate them due to technical reasons.  Tracking of the inspection/review process can be found under the LSRP Comprehensive Report


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